Add+Vantage MR

Add+Vantage Math Recovery 1 (AVMR 1)

4-day course that includes dynamic, diagnostic,individual assessments in number words and numerals, structuring numbers and addition and subtraction.


Add+Vantage Math Recovery 2 (AVMR 2)

4-day course that includes dynamic, diagnostic, individual assessments in number words and numerals, structuring numbers and addition and subtraction strategies.

AP Calculus Wordle

AP Calculus Network

AP Calculus Network Meetings


AVMR Differentiating Games

Teachers will select games from AV-MR Course 1 and 2 to differentiate the construct or level to meet the needs of all students in their classrooms.


AVMR Fractions Course

Add+VantageMR® Fractions: Math Recovery® Strategies for the Classroom explores the difficulties many students have making sense of fractions.

Add+Vantage MR

AVMR PLC Meetings

On-going support for teachers who have completed an AV-MR Course (Add+Vantage Math Recovery®).


Building Numeracy through Mathematical Practices

Building Numeracy in Grades K – 5; 3 Day Series

The Plus Sign, Minus Sign, Multiplication Sign and Division Sign

Elementary Math Leaders Group

Elementary Mathematics Leadership meetings provide networking opportunities to teachers who serve as representatives of their district.


Guided Math (K-5)

At this one-day session, participants will be introduced to Guided Math and the teaching practices that support Guided Math, including how to use formative assessment to guide mini-lessons and station activities.

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Math Recovery Intervention Specialist (MRIS)

MRIS is a year long course hat provide intensive intervention training and develops teaching expertise in mathematics.


Number Talks at the Secondary Level

Develop a number sense routine for 8-12 minutes per day to increase student fluency in the basic operations (whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percent).

The word Math written on a chalk board with formulas surrounding it.

Secondary Math Leaders Group

Our Team Purpose: The Mathematics Leadership Team will participate in research-informed professional development experiences.