Social Emotional Learning

The impact of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is becoming more widely known in recent years and especially now in response to the pandemic. SEL is a crucial element in a Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) that is being integrated into the fabric of the school day across the state (and country). There is research to support the benefit of developing and using SEL skills with students in their day-to-day learning. In response, numerous resources and curriculum are available for educators to use to enhance students SEL skill-building and development. Join us as we discuss some simple self-care strategies for educators to help offset the impact of COVID as well as ways SEL can support adults and youth within the building. This workshop will be engaging, interactive and include a variety of practical ways for implementing your own well-being while supporting students SEL, even amidst chaos.


Name Instructor(s) Location Cost Registrations Days Start
Social Emotional Learning 2022 Kazee, Lauren GISD Davis Center - 102AB $75.00 0 / 60 1 10/25/2022 Register