Joy: It's an Inside Job

Are you a Friday educator or a Monday educator? Friday educators can’t wait to get out of the building at the end of the week, while Monday educators can’t wait to get back to school after the weekend. Joy may be one of the biggest differentiating factors. The demands on educators often feels overwhelming. Each day we are confronted with behavioral issues, inequity, suicidal ideation, and diversity challenges…and that’s on top of working with students on future career options and post- secondary education, and keeping track of all the data and documentation. Meanwhile, student mental health issues are on the rise. It can be an easy recipe for discouragement and overload. When the education tidal wave begins to swell, how do you stand strong and continue to pour out the encouragement, wisdom, and support your students need? In this heartfelt, engaging talk, Julia Cook shares what it’s taken her years to figure out. Happiness is momentary, but Joy is a constant state of contentment that is not shifted by the chaos around us. Through stories and practical steps, Julia teaches us how to shift our thinking and actions so that we can: • Move from looking for temporary happiness to finding long-term joy • Develop a process for self-care that inhibits burnout and compassion fatigue • Inspire others to find their own inner joy • Be a school counselor who looks forward to Mondays Joy is the magic that shifts perspectives and helps us maintain passion and purpose, even in the hard seasons. Joy is the gift that keeps on giving…to you and everyone around you. In this special talk from Julia, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry… and you’ll leave with a plan for growing in joy, finding fresh meaning in your work, and supporting those who need you most.


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