Language Arts

The word Literacy

A Teachers Guide to Setting Up a Balanced Literacy Classroom, K-5

If you are new to teaching, to a grade level, to the elementary setting or just want a refresher please join us to learn about the components of a balanced literacy classroom and how to make them work for you and your students.

multi colored speech bubbles with media symbols

Compose Our World

Four Core Projects: One Question: "How is our world composed for us and how can we compose our world?"

Two girls sitting on stairs sharing a book smiling

Phonological Awareness Pre-School-1st Grade

Join us as we play with listening games, rhyming, phonemes, alliteration and manipulation of sounds.

Child holding a book and reading aloud in front of the class.

Read Aloud Pre-School-1st Grade

Join us as we take a deeper look at concepts of print, building vocabulary and comprehension.

woman writing

Writing with High-Proficiency English Learners

Writing strategies to support English Learners at a high writing proficiency level (WIDA 3.0-5.0)